90-Day Body Challenge

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The first challenge will be noted as the total fat percent loss challenge. All participants will be ju to finish. We will have one winner for women and one winner for men. The next category is our total muscle gain. This division will focus on the total percent of lean body mass that you have acquired from start to finish. Also, like the fat Loss percent challenge, we will also be giving away one first place for women and one for men.

Two new additional challenges will emulate the first to just noted. However, these categories are reserved for individuals who are of the age of 45 and older. There will be one winner for each of the categories for both men and women for a total of four winners.

Our last category is a points / participation challenge. This challenge is designed to engage all participants of the challenge in all of our resources available at Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness. We will award the winner who acquires the most overall points calculated throughout the 90 days. Points or this challenge are acquired through four different subdivisions. Gym attendance, group exercise participation, purchases at our Pro Shop, and lastly personal training sessions. In sequential order the participants will receive 1 point for every attendance in the gym, 2 points for every group exercise class that is attended, 3 points for every single purchase at the pro shop, and 5 Points for every personal training session attended.

More information is available at our front office location. There you may speak with a team member and get any remaining information needed. Finally, registration and the challenge will begin January 13th 2018. Upon that time all registration forms must be printed, signed, and submitted by that day. Every participant will get the opportunity to get the metrics measured complimentary for the challenge on that day.

Note: there will be absolutely no late registrations or sign ups after the challenge has begun. There are no exceptions.

Feel free to print your registration sheet at our website on our homepage www.rmflex.com

We look forward to your participation and for contributing to your journey into the 2018 year.

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