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Dear Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Community, 
Despite the difficult circumstances we hope that you are taking time for your mental and physical health. While nobody can foresee when our community will return to normalcy or what that will look like, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness continues to invest in the gym’s future. We are adding additional Cardio machines (two new stair masters), a strength machine (iso-lateral shoulder press) along with a new corporate wellness program for the local community. While the tangible assets were purchased prior to the pandemic we are continuing to support our current staff and trainers in a variety of ways. 
We would like to offer members the opportunity to continue to support the gym during the closure in exchange for a Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness water bottle. All revenue collected during the closure will be allocated in the following order; payroll expenses, rent, CAM costs and then utilities and basic operations. NO revenue will be allocated to profits, debt service or expansion during this time. If you are interested in helping to support the gym please email [email protected]. Your account will resume as if we never closed the gym. 
Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness is more than a fitness facility. We are more than just a gym or a group of people. We are a group of like-minded doers with a common goal – better ourselves, better our neighbors and better our community. 
Thank you for your continued support of local small businesses, 
Chris and Nick