Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Gym is Expanding in Size

As many of you know, Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness gym has been a staple in Denver’s Baker neighborhood since our inception back in November 2015. We’ve been on a mission to create a unique fitness experience for our awesome members throughout the years, and because of that, we are growing. We currently have over 8,000 square feet of gym floor space, and we’re super excited to let you in on some big news – we’re expanding! We’re adding another 4,000+ square feet to our current floor plan by opening the wall into the commercial space next door. This move is designed to enhance your fitness experience by bringing you a bigger variety of equipment, a new 60-foot turf space for functional fitness, sleds, and more, as well as a new fully enclosed classroom space.

Right now we have an open-ceiling classroom in our current space that we use for our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening yoga classes, but we know that it can be hard to zen out and focus on your practice when you can hear the hustle and bustle of the gym outside the doors. This new space will provide a room that is fully closed off and private. Members will also be able to use this space for posing practice for physique competitions and additional group fitness classes that we will offer down the road.

In addition, we will have a second practitioner office available inside the gym, and we are looking to bring in another practitioner who will be a good complement to our strong fitness community. This spring, we brought Dr. Ryan, a Denver physical therapist, into the gym. Having a PT on site has been beneficial for our members in improving their strength and flexibility, fixing any imbalances or mobility issues they might have, and helping them deal with aches, muscle pain, and tightness that they experience from workouts and everyday activities.

The new 20-yard turf space in the gym will offer many benefits, including versatility for functional and sports-specific training, accommodating a variety of workouts from low-impact to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This space is perfect for tire flips, sled pushes, and sprint training, enhancing strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness. Its year-round usability makes it perfect for training in all seasons, we can open the garage doors in warmer months and offer a space to functionally move inside during the snowy winter months. We’ll also have a wall dedicated to medicine ball slams, which have many benefits, such as enhancing core strength, improving cardiovascular fitness, and providing an effective full-body workout.

When will the Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness gym expansion be complete?

We are looking forward to opening the new section of RMFlex this fall 2023, although a few pieces of the specialty fitness equipment may not arrive until spring or early summer 2024. We know our members are eager to get into the new space, and we are too, so we are working hard to get the space updated. Check out our video below to take a tour of the new space.

Below is a short list of some of the new equipment we’ve ordered so far, and that is on top of the amazing Woodway treadmills we ordered for the gym last spring. 

If you are not yet a gym member of RMFlex and looking for a gym in Denver to call “home”, sign up for our 7-Day trial pass to come check out our facility.

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