New Equipment Updates at Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness

Since our expansion in fall 2023, Rocky Mountain Flex has grown from 8,000 sq. ft. to over 12,000 sq. ft. in the Baker neighborhood. We’ve not only increased our space but also upgraded a lot of our equipment. Open since 2015, we’ve always aimed to create a unique gym experience by listening to our members’ suggestions. Last year, we added more squat racks and ordered hip thrust and pendulum squat machines at their request. A recent big ask has been updated spin bikes for our cardio room, and now, some of these requests are becoming a reality. Below are our latest equipment additions that you will find around the gym. Follow us on Instagram for regular gym updates!

Interested in seeing the gym since we have expanded? You can tour the entire gym to get the lay of the land using our interactive map of the facility here.

Rocky Mountain Flex Latest Equipment Updates:

The Atlantis Hip Thruster Pro

The Atlantis Hip Thruster Pro is a popular machine in the RMFLEX weight room right now. It’s designed to maximize glute engagement with greater resistance using less weight, starting at 53 lbs and maxing out at 360 lbs. Its ergonomic hip placement, built-in band pegs for personalized resistance, and selective hip roller for customizable weight-bearing positions make it incredibly versatile. This machine specifically targets the gluteus maximus, the largest and most powerful glute muscle, essential for both the shape and function of the buttocks. Performing hip thrusts with the Hip Thruster Pro enhances lower body strength and aesthetics while alleviating lower back pain, making it a must-have for training your glutes.

In the video below, watch Lindsey, our beloved member and part of our front desk team, demonstrate how to use the Atlantis Hip Thruster Pro.

The Atlantis Pendulum Squat Machine

The Atlantis Pendulum Squat Machine has quickly become a member favorite and a game-changer for lower body workouts. It targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes while giving you greater stability and minimizing lower back strain. Its unique design allows for a deeper range of motion than traditional squats and promotes greater muscle growth and strength. This enhanced range significantly alleviates knee strain, making it an excellent choice for our members with knee issues. It’s designed with a large, non-skid foot platform fixed at a 45° angle, ensuring optimal foot positioning to get into a deep squat. You can also change your foot positioning, wider or narrower to target different muscles. One of its standout features is the counterbalanced system, which starts at a manageable 45 lbs and can handle up to a challenging 360 lbs, accommodating a wide range of fitness levels.

In the video below, Personal trainer Louis Juarez shows us how to use the Atlantis Pendulum Squat.

If you’re interested in working with Louis, one of our awesome personal trainers, reach out to him on Instagram.

The SOLE SB900 Spin Bikes

We now have two new Sole SB900 Spin Bikes in the cardio room, ready to transform your cycling sessions. These bikes are perfect for cycling enthusiasts, offering adjustable seats and handlebars that move vertically and horizontally for a personalized fit. You can select between toe clip or clipless (SPD) pedals to suit your riding style. The integrated console provides real-time feedback on RPM, time, calories burned, and speed, and is compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap to keep you in your optimal training zone. Indoor cycling is a low-impact exercise that is gentle on your joints, enhances cardiovascular fitness and targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

The Squat Wedgiez

We’ve recently added a pair of Squat Wedgiez to our equipment lineup, solving the problem of slippery squat wedges on our platforms as they are made of a high-density material with a grippy surface. They offer exceptional stability and safety, even during the most demanding lifts. These wedges help to boost muscle growth by increasing the range of motion while performing squats, lunges, hip thrusts, and calf raises. They are adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees, and they ensure optimal performance during your workout.

Rogue Dip Bar

 This was a highly requested item from our members, and soon we will be adding the Monster Lite Matador Dip Bar to the gym floor. It has multiple grip options and will mount directly to our Rogue Rig. Dips are perfect for enhancing your strength training routine by working the triceps, pectoral muscles (chest), and front deltoid (shoulder).

Rogue Monster Safety Strap Hangers

The Monster Lite Strap Safety System 2.0 offers our members a reliable solution for protecting themselves during heavy lifts. This system allows for the barbell to safely roll away on a drop, enhancing safety and confidence during intense workouts. We think this will be far easier to adjust over the metal bars we currently use.

Titan Upright Farmers Walk Handles

Our new Upright Farmers Walk Handles are going to be a great addition for endurance training on the turf at Rocky Mountain Flex as it requires full body muscle recruitment. The vertical weight posts enable you to load more weight than conventional handles and protect the plates from damage. The farmers carry exercise offers significant benefits, including improved grip strength, muscle strength, power, and core stability. Add this awesome exercise to your next functional training routine on our 20-yard turf for exercises like bent over rows, single leg deadlifts, shrugs, and more.

At Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness, our mission is to empower people to lead healthy, active lives by providing a diverse range of equipment, a welcoming community, and a positive gym atmosphere. Located in Denver’s Baker neighborhood, our unique 12,000 sq. ft. facility within The Yard offers personal training, free classes, Olympic weightlifting, yoga, sports conditioning, and more. We also house the Six Blades Denver MMA School and individual practitioners providing services like dry needling and physical therapy through The Savvy PT. Our dedicated team of independent personal trainers is committed to helping members achieve their fitness goals with a variety of training styles. 

If you’re in the area and looking for a new gym, we invite you to come experience all that Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness has to offer. Sign up for our FREE 7-Day Membership to give us a try!