Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness Ranks in Denver’s Top 30 Gyms

Rocky Mountain Flex Fitness opened its doors in November of 2015. Like most small businesses, RMFF struggled for several years. Fast forward to 2021, and RMFF is included in the top 30 gyms in Denver. For many, six years is nothing more than a Senate term or the time it takes to pay off a car loan. For RMFF, six years has been a lifetime full of expansion, growth and helping others achieve their goals.

The concept for RMFF started long before 2015 when two friends, Nick Natt and Chris Lane, sat discussing what makes a good gym. Tired of being ostracized for training hard at corporate gyms or being criticized for unconventional techniques at boutique gyms in Denver, Chris and Nick decided to take matters into their own hands. The result was a low cost, all inclusive gym complete with top of the line equipment, world class trainers and exciting classes that keep members coming back. At RMFF you can find seasoned athletes and experienced competitors helping and encouraging everyday people to achieve fitness goals many thought out of reach. Whether you are part of the aging population focused on longevity, a professional working towards a promotion, or an average Joe like some of us, RMFF provides the environment and community for all to succeed.

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